Anne is an abstract painter working in a variety of mediums including acrylic, oil, pastel, and watercolor.  Her colorful and energetic paintings start as uncontrolled and boundless expressions that resolve into controlled dialogues within small illusory worlds.  

Anne studied traditional drawing and painting in the Master Drawing and Painting Program at Associates in Art in Los Angeles under the direction of Mark Westermoe, and figurative expressionism at the Gage Academy in Seattle with Barbara Fugate. 


Anne creates small worlds that are spontaneous in experimentation and large in imagination.  Each painting begins as a welcome departure from constraints and provides a necessary release into a world without boundaries.  

She bypasses the palette whenever possible so that any interaction, exploration and fortuitous events occur directly on the canvas.  

The result is an abstraction of line, color and form that can then be dictated and controlled into an imaginary world designed to be ambiguous and obscure and yet nearly recognizable.


5Gallery, Group Show, New Mexico, 2015
NM State Fair Evening of the Arts, Group Show, New Mexico, 2014
The Great Art Party for Washington State Poets, Group Art Show, Seattle 2007
Just Art, The 4th Annual Art Auction & Cocktail Party, Seattle 2007
Seattle Women’s Chorus, Auction, Seattle, 2006
Seattle Women’s Chorus, Auction, Seattle, 2005
Graphaids, Group Art Show, Los Angeles, 2004
Highland Grounds, Group Art Show, Los Angeles, 2004
Highland Grounds, Group Art Show, Los Angeles, 2003


“White Wine, Red Wine”, 16x20, Oil on Canvas, 2005
“Wine and Book”, 16x20, Oil on Canvas, 2005
"John and Zeus", 30x40, Oil on Canvas, 2004
“Gabi”, 36x42, Oil on Canvas, 2004


Gage Academy, Seattle, 2006-2007
Associates in Art, Los Angeles, 2004-2005
BS Business Administration, Santa Fe, 2000